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This gathering explores formats to address, fabricate, discuss, and practice social transformation. It invites participants to create a common space for our radical imagination(s) and social justice that goes beyond a skill-share for radical organizers. Radical Imagination invites us to engage in a profound critique of what seems obvious (radical = that goes to the roots of something) and to explore alternative ways of living together - producing, loving, shaping spaces and time, inhabiting the land, working, using, struggling. It is an appeal to decolonize social relations and the dominant imaginaries that justify oppression and injustice, as well as an effort to instill anti-capitalist praxis. Radical Imagination is not just about dreaming alternative futures. It lures us into embodying alternatives.



Westminster House

101 NW 23rd St

Corvallis, OR 97330

Our conference will be hosted in an accessible building with automatic door entrance and ramp.

Our organizers have secured CART services for our keynote speaker, and we'll have amplification for our speakers.

We will have on-site child care and encourage participants to bring children. Contact our organizers at

New podcast collaboration with Laborwave Radio: After The Revolution

Raj Patel: The Dinner Table After The Revolution

2020 Keynote Speaker at #OSRI3


Jamila Osman (

Jamila Osman is a Somali writer, educator, and organizer from Portland, Oregon. A public school teacher for many years, she is now an MFA candidate at the University of Iowa. She has facilitated writing workshops at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility, taught poetry to students at a summer camp in the West Bank, and worked with the group No Mas Muertes to provide humanitarian aid to migrants on the US/Mexico border. She is a regular participant of the Border Encuentro hosted by the School of the Americas Watch, and has presented on the invisibility and hypervisiblity of Black migrants.  


She has received writing fellowships from Caldera, Djerassi, and the MacDowell Colony. She is winner of the 2019 Brunel International African Poetry Prize, and 2019 winner of The Adirondack Review’s 46er Prize for Poetry. Some of her work can be found in The New York Times, Al Jazeera, BOAAT, Diagram, and other places.

She is currently working on a memoir. Her first poetry collection, titled A Girl is a Sovereign State, will be published in May 2020 by Akashic books as part of their New Generation African Poets series. 

She tweets at @j__osman

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